Twitch is testing new ‘Update Your Subscription’ options

This will give users more options when looking to change certain aspects of their channel subs.

Image via Twitch

It appears Twitch is currently testing some new additions to the platform’s subscription model, with a new “Update Your Subscription” feature appearing for select users. 

According to stream reporter Zach Bussey and several users included in a test group, this change will allow users to update the duration or tier of a channel subscription via the Your Subscription tab without needing to first cancel a current sub.

The main benefit of this new feature is the ability to freely update a sub’s duration. Now viewers can support their favorite creators with a Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3 sub without worrying about needing to cancel their sub before the next renewal date. Instead, they can sub at their selected tier and then upgrade or downgrade as needed before the next payment is due. 

Some users have even noted that the multi-month subscription discount, which applies a 10 or 15 percent discount when purchasing three or six-month subscriptions upfront, appears to be permanently available with this update.

This would allow users to pay upfront for their preferred sub duration and retain those discounts if they decide to continue a multi-month Twitch subscription. 

This wasn’t previously the case, as—just like tier upgrades, users would need to cancel a sub at the end of their multi-month deal just to resub and get the discount again.