Twitch creates a Founders Badge for early subscribers

Some subscribers were offered a new reward for supporting streamers.

Image via Twitch

Twitch has found a new way to encourage subscriptions. A Founders Badge will now be offered to the earliest subscribers of newly-affiliated and partnered channels.

If you’re one of the first 10 subscribers of an affiliated streamer or one of the first 25 for a partnered channel, you can now unlock this badge. Only paid and Prime subscribers can get the badge, which excludes gifted subscriptions.

The Founders Badge is meant to encourage the support of emerging streamers by offering additional value for early subscribing. While partnered streamers generally boast a well-established community, most of the recently-affiliated channels don’t have a huge audience. To be affiliated, streamers only need 500 minutes of broadcast in a month, 50 followers, and three average viewers.

Additionally, early subscribers retroactively get a Founders Badge, which means that long-established streamers are now able to easily recognize their first subs. The badge owners can also stand out among the crowd by showing off their unique icon, especially in huge communities like the ones of Shroud or DrDisrespect.

This encourages subscriptions in another way, too. When a viewer is eligible for a Founders Badge but is unsubscribed to that particular channel, Twitch suggests resubscribing to unlock the badge.

You can see if you’re eligible to receive a Founders Badge by checking your notifications on Twitch.