Twitch artist and girlfriend condemned for insulting fellow artist on stream

The streamer has since issued an apology on Twitter.

Twitch art streamers
Image via Twitch

Twitch broadcaster and artist Kuno is under heavy scrutiny from the streaming community after insulting fellow art streamer, Neko. His girlfriend, Hana, was also very vocal during the stream.

Kuno and his girlfriend were viewing Neko’s art while bullying her and her work the whole time. “It’s so bad, none of it is good,” Kuno’s girlfriend said. “My sister could draw better than this when she was five years old.” She also went on to say that Neko’s art “looked like MS Paint” and that her art “is trash.”

The two even took to calling her “autistic,” which was their explanation for why she was getting so much attention. When the Twitch art community got ahold of the various clips that showed Kuno and his girlfriend insulting Neko, they didn’t take kindly to their actions.

Multiple well-known streamers and content creators, including LilyPichu, JackSepticEye, and DrLupo, condemned Kuno’s actions. For LilyPichu, it was personal. She said she used to feel nervous whenever other artists watched her stream because she was afraid that they would look down on her art.

Kuno has since issued an apology, but many people aren’t accepting it.