What are the differences between being a Twitch Affiliate and Partner?

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Streamers can have two main types of relationships with Twitch as they attempt to monetize their channel: Affiliate and Partner. Both statuses require a content creator to meet a certain threshold to be granted. While “Partner” status has more benefits, becoming an “Affiliate” is more easily and quickly achievable.

Twitch Affiliate vs Twitch Partner: What’s the difference?

Twitch Affiliate is essentially the first stage of becoming a partner. In order to become a partner, you must first become an Affiliate. For a full breakdown of all the differences, please refer to the image below.

Table breaking down the differences between Twitch Affiliate vs. Twitch Partner status.
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Twitch Affiliate vs. Twitch Partner Requirements

How to Become a Twitch Affiliate

  • Stream for 500 minutes across seven unique broadcasts
  • Average at least three concurrent viewers within 30 days
  • Have at least 50 followers

Your progress toward becoming an Affiliate can be tracked on your Creator Dashboard on the Achievements page under the “Insights” tab. The same page can be used to track your effort toward becoming a Partner after you’ve reached Affiliate status.

How to become a Twitch Partner

  • Reach Affiliate
  • Stream 25 hours across 12 unique streams
  • Average 75 viewers

Reaching these guidelines will allow you to apply for the Partner Program. It will not guarantee you Partner status.

Benefits for Twitch Affiliates

By becoming an Affiliate, streamers can access subscriptions, ads, and Twitch Bits as monetization features. Affiliates also get one to five sub emotes based on the number of subscribers they have. Affiliates get 14 days of VOD storage (more if they’re a Twitch Prime member) and can create polls and channel point incentives for viewers.

Benefits for Twitch Partners

The benefits for Partners are similar to Affiliates, but they get full access to Transcode options, 60 days of VOD storage, up to 60 emotes stream delay options and squad streaming options. 

Additionally, they can use a self-service emote tool, can create stream teams, and have special priority in line for customer service. But, most importantly, Partner status comes with the iconic verified channel badge.

Biggest Twitch Affiliate vs Partner revenue differences

  • Partners have access to higher revenue splits than Affiliate on subs and ads.
  • Partners have access to additional revenue streams like the Bounty Program.


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