Twitch adds new way to recognize emote creators with Artist Badges

Emote artists get recognition.

Image via Twitch

Popular livestreaming platform Twitch is adding a way for creators to recognize emote artists and creators with the implementation of its latest feature, Artist Badges.

Emotes have become ingrained the Twitch’s streaming culture, with every partnered streamer on the site using emotes in some capacity. With Artist Badges, channels will be able to attribute emotes to their specific creators or artists in the community. Twitch describes this new feature as a means of allowing “creators to give artists in their community the recognition they deserve.”

Streamers can identify chatters or viewers as artists through two different means, both accessible through the Emote Manager portion of the Creator Dashboard. The first option, Emote Attribution, allows creators to designate specified chatters as emote creators. Whenever chatters click on an emote with an attached user, the username, Twitch channel, and additional credits can be listed.

The second form of recognition available to creators is the Artist Chat Badge. Streamers can have up to five Artist Badges to give out to community members who have contributed to the stream’s collection of emotes. The Artist Badge will appear prominently next to the viewer’s username when they send messages in chat.

Artists themselves can control their emote attributions on a global or individual level, allowing them to receive as much or as little recognition as they want. Emote creators can also switch the feature off entirely, preventing any creators from attaching their username to any emotes. Users can manage their privacy settings in the Emote Attribution section of account settings.