Twitch AdBlock extension removed from Chrome, Firefox webstores

The service allegedly had over 150,000 users.

Image via Twitch

One of the most popular ad-blocking tools for Twitch, aptly named Twitch AdBlock, has been removed from the Google Chrome and Firefox Extension stores.

Earlier today, users began noticing the extension had disappeared from their Chrome and Firefox browsers, and ads began to play as they viewed streams.

In the replies to a post about the extension on GitHub, user ChosenEye shared the application is now gone and won’t be coming back.

In a Reddit thread regarding the issue, an image surfaced of an allegedly deleted image where ChoosenEye claims that Twitch had shut down the way that the extension functioned, and that before its closure, there were 150,000 users with over 6 million views per day.

Twitch has always been active in cracking down on adblocking software used on their platform. Most recently, the site implemented a text screen that would arise when users viewed a stream through an external site to Twitch.

This worked to nullify many of the ad-blocking options that were used at the time, but some were still active, including Twitch AdBlock.

Ads are a big way in which creators and the platform itself generate revenue. Currently, the only method to getting a true Ad-free viewing experience on Twitch is to subscribe to Twitch Turbo. This premium service will rid of all pre-roll, mid-roll, company, and display ads, although you may still see promotions that are embedded into a broadcast.

Alternatively, subscribing to a creator’s channel will stop an ad from playing when joining into their stream, but the streamer themselves can still roll ads for all viewers.