TSM parts ways with streamer Diego following predatory behavior allegations

The allegations accused Diego of kissing underage fans in 2016.

Screengrab via TSM

TSM has removed streamer Diego from their organization today in response to allegations of predatory behavior surrounding the streamer.

Yesterday, YouTuber Shannon Taylor uploaded a 44-minute video titled “My Stalker & Assault, My Ex, Underage Fans, Bryan Stars’ Involvement & Why I’m Talking Now” accusing Diego of kissing underage fans during his tour. She included photos from 2016 of Diego kissing these girls while at meet-and-greets.

Diego released his own statement, addressing the claims and confirming that these photos were taken when he created content on YouTube as a vlogger.

“This is due to some old pictures that resurfaced of me taking pictures with fans at meet and greets a few years back (I used to be a YouTuber vlog type kind) where I would kiss them on the cheek for a picture if they wanted or a stage kiss for a picture if they wanted, not every picture was like this of course, but if the fans wanted it, I would do it for their picture,” Diego said.

Diego says he stopped kissing fans in 2017 because he received “flak” for it and “realized it was inappropriate.”

“I understand why I was wrong and even if they wanted the picture I should have just said no and thought of a better pose or something,” the former TSM streamer wrote.

Diego ended his statement by taking responsibility for his actions and apologizing to TSM and his fans. He posted one final message to his community shortly after releasing his statement, assuring them that they will “get through” the situation.