Trainwreckstv shares his thoughts on listening to music while playing Among Us

"They're too busy entertaining rather than playing the game."

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Among Us has seen rapid growth recently due to its popularity within the Twitch streaming community. Many of the platform’s biggest personalities have come together to compete against each other in the murder mystery game.

Trainwreckstv, one of the streamers who’s been regularly active in playing Among Us, recently voiced his opinion on players who choose to listen to music while taking part in the game.

“In my opinion whoever plays background music in Among Us, that’s for the viewers, not for themselves, which means they’re too busy entertaining rather than playing the game.” Train said.

The game functions by players completing tasks around the map while two imposters attempt to stealthily take out players without being caught. This often means players need to be paying attention to correctly deduct who the imposters are. But Train thinks it’s tough for streamers to do this if they’re playing background music.

“How can you be in a serious game that requires critical thinking, memorization, and attention span while playing music?” Train said. “Like how the fuck are you sitting there and taking that seriously?”

While streamers and viewers alike have been enjoying the game, it’s tested the patience of many players and even seen a variety of different conflicts instigated between streamers. The competitive nature of the game can often lead to individual streamers feeling as though other players aren’t taking the game seriously enough.

A title that initially released in 2018, Among Us has provided some of the best stream moments over the past week and it’s shown no signs of slowing down anytime soon.