Trainwreck cautions viewers after winning $8.7 million on Twitch Slots: ‘Do not be dumb’

Trainwreck gives PSA after his max win.

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Trainwreck has become the premier gambling streamer on Twitch by often playing high-stakes games with a gallery of other gamblers. Although he has lost large amounts, the Twitch streamer shockingly hit an $8.7 million jackpot today, which is his largest win ever recorded on his channel.

In complete disbelief after getting his max win, Trainwreck jumped out of his chair and celebrated. Despite the jubilation following his unfathomable jackpot, the streamer rolled his pre-recorded, PSA-like clip. Expressing that he was down millions, Trainwreck interrupted his clip to further warn his audience.

“Please do not be dumb, do not be stupid,” Trainwreck said. “The way I play, the way I gamble, even with the Bitcoin I have made, with the money I’ve made on Twitch, it is not doable or sustainable unless you’re a large streamer that can get paid. You will lose every time.”

Partnered with a gambling company, Train has said he has made upward of $1 million per month and has often hinted dthat he is being paid even more than that. Though he has undoubtedly taken massive losses from his fairly recent gambling endeavors, his partnership and $8.7 million win likely softened the blow.