Top Twitch channels July 25 to 31: What’s in a name?

Personalities reign supreme with the esports schedule in a lull.

Screengrab via xQcOW on Twitch

A wide array of content creators led by none other than xQc dominated Twitch this past week as the esports calendar fell into a somewhat dead period.

While the LCK managed to maintain a spot in the top 10 for the week, personalities represented the bulk of the most-watched streamers on the platform after weeks of content being esports-heavy.

XQc topped the charts again with an impressive 100 hours of airtime that resulted in him nearly doubling most of the other most-watched content creators on Twitch. Here are the most-watched Twitch channels from July 25 to 31, according to data from Streams Charts.

This past week on Twitch: July 25 to 31

Image via Streams Charts

Personalities take charge

Along with xQc, a slew of personalities filled out the list of most-watched channels on Twitch, and only one channel in the top 10 was esports-centric. The lack of esports in the top ranks this week comes following a number of large tournaments for games like Apex Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, and VALORANT in previous weeks.

Creators represented a wide swathe of games and demographics. While Just Chatting was a popular form of content among the top streamers, many played a range of games including GTA V role play, VALORANT, Minecraft, and gambling advertisements. 

Lost in translation

Not only has there been diversity among the games that top streamers play, but there has been notable diversity in the languages that creators speak. While the top two streamers this week are English speakers, four other languages were represented in the top 10.

Along with the Korean-language LCK channel, personalities among the top streamers included some speaking Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese. In fact, there were more non-English language channels (six) in the top 10 this week than there were English-speaking creators (four).