TimTheTatman plans to put “more effort” into making YouTube videos

Diversification is key.

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/timthetatman

TimTheTatman might have an exclusive contract with Twitch for livestreaming, but the tenured content creator knows that to maximize his brand, he needs to be well-versed in every form of media, including YouTube.

While talking to his viewers on stream today, Tim said he intends to do more with his YouTube channel in the coming months. And while he didn’t give too many specifics, he suggested that new video features, like introduction videos, might be coming. 

Many Twitch streamers use YouTube as a secondary source of income by posting videos. But much of the traditional YouTube content made by Twitch streamers is as simple as an uploaded Twitch broadcast.

Seeing the way that his channel has grown in the past year or so, Tim knows that to truly capitalize on YouTube’s market, he needs to be different.

“I used to look at my videos, and if my videos got 100,000 views in four hours, I thought that was a banger video,” he said. “Now, if I don’t get 100,000 views in the first four hours, it’s considered a low tier video.”

NICKMERCS, who’s a friend of Tim and fellow streamer, has a fairly successful YouTube page of his own. And while he’s also under contract to livestream on Twitch, he tries to make YouTube videos unique by adding things like intro videos to make it fit the platform.

“I get that that’s a different audience from Twitch,” Tim said. “And I really… I don’t want them to feel like a hoe. You know what I’m saying? It’s like they get your recycled content.”

Tim’s YouTube channel currently sits at 2.18 million subscribers and most of his videos from this past week have 300,000 views or more, with the most-watched sitting at 707,000.

Those sorts of figures don’t necessarily put Tim in the top echelon of YouTube content creators, but his growth is unquestionable. In the past year, he’s gained more than 500,000 subs on YouTube and his video view count has climbed to 323 million, up from 176 million.