TikTokers threw rocks and attempted to break into Envy streamer house, JustaMinx and CodeMiko say

Minx and CodeMiko described the incident.

On June 6, Team Envy streamers JustaMinx and CodeMiko described how several TikTokers attempted to break into their home.

CodeMiko was the first to recount the ordeal on Twitter. The VTuber explained that the TikTokers attempted to enter the house and insisted that he could because he used to live there. After being denied, CodeMiko wrote that he threw rocks at housemates Justaminx and Lewis.

Later on her stream, JustaMinx said the TikTokers attempted to justify their trespassing because they allegedly lived in the Envy house previously.

“‘We’re allowed to come up! We used to live here,'” the TikTokers said, according to Justaminx.

The Twitch streamer then shared an intense clip of the situation, shortly after the trespassers had thrown rocks at Minx and Lewis. After the verbal exchange in Minx’s clip, the streamer ran down to confront the TikTokers, but the group ended up driving away at that point.

“After he threw the rock he told us to come down and fight, my anger stupidly got the better of me and I ran down, and all four them fucking ran off. Literally assault and trespassing. Insane,” Minx tweeted from her alt Twitter account.

Though eventually the altercation was resolved without any injuries, law enforcement never arrived to the scene despite being called twice. “We called the cops, but they never came,” Minx explained, “Imagine if they were trying to hurt us? They never came. After two fucking calls.”

Luckily, the streamers of the Envy house left the situation unscathed.