The factionless panda Doubleagent reaches level 60 in WoW: Shadowlands

He kept leveling in the starting zone with mining and herbalism.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The infamous World of Warcraft player who’s picked the Pandaren race without choosing a faction has reached level 60 in the Shadowlands expansion, he revealed last night.

He completed the feat in a little over 17 days by leveling with mining and herbalism in the starting Pandaren zone. While other players are experiencing the Shadowlands expansion in its full glory, Doubleagent chooses to hang out on the turtle island and ignore all the war and faction conflict that’s going on in WoW.

Neutral leveling isn’t something players could do up until the Mists of Pandaria expansion when the Pandaren race was released as a Neutral faction. After completing the initial quests, players could pledge themselves to either Alliance or Horde. But other players had something else in mind.

After Doubleagent showed that this feat was possible, multiple players have followed suit and started trying out this challenge. Over the years, Blizzard noticed him and included an NPC during the Legion expansion in the Monk class hall. You can find him picking herbs and mining ore in the hall by exploring the island.

Players recently discovered another way to “ironman” the game by leveling without choosing a specialization. A couple of WoW players have already achieved max level in Shadowlands using this method on various classes.