T-Pain makes beats for Twitch streamers to use amid DMCA frenzy

He gets hype to hear his music on people's streams.

Image via Twitch

An outpouring of DMCA notices on Twitch have caused problems for streamers who rely on using music in the background of their broadcasts in the past week, but rapper T-Pain is coming to the rescue.

On his personal Twitch stream yesterday, T-Pain talked about some of the nuances of DMCA and even offered a solution for streamers⁠—play the beats he’s been making.

Talking to his viewers, T-Pain told any streamers who don’t know what to play for background noise on their streams they can play the personal collection of beats that he’s made. He even offered to put them all into a file and make them easily accessible to the public.

“All these beats I done made on Live, all these beats I done made for the challenges and shit, all these challenges and shit … I’m going to give these shits to y’all so you can use them on y’alls’ streams,” he said. “You’ve got my fucking blessing, bro.”

He even went one step further by saying that if people play music that he’s released in the past couple of years, that they won’t get in any trouble with DMCA notices either because he has ownership of that music.

While that prevents content creators from using some of his older hits like “Bartender” and “Buy U A Drank,” T-Pain says that streamers won’t be getting notices from him. It’s the companies like Universal, Sony, and RCA, who have vested interests in the music that will be handing out DMCA notices.

“It’s never going to be an artist,” he said. “Trust me. You’ll never see an artist do that shit. It’s the weirdest fucking thing in the world. We get more hype than you all do when we hear our shit in y’alls’ streams, easily if it’s a clip when you’re beasting crazy. You don’t think we want to see a mother fucker get a VTOL on one of our songs? If motherfuckers are playing ‘Bartender’ or ‘Buy U A Drank’ and you get a nuke on CoD, while my song is playing? Fuck yeah. I’m reposting. What are y’all talking about.”