Sykkuno’s first merch drop is now live

Collection01 is on pre-sale.

Screengrab via Sykkuno on Twitch

Popular Twitch streamer Sykkuno’s first merch drop has officially gone live. The pre-sale will last 24 hours and all four pieces of Sykkuno’s newest line of merch remain available on his website.

Sykkuno is among the most-watched streamers on Twitch, amassing over 4 million followers and averaging thousands of concurrent viewers every stream. Despite his success on the platform, the streamer has only recently confirmed his first pieces of official merchandise for fans to purchase.

The first merch drop by the streamer will have four pieces of apparel available for purchase. The drop includes a leaf green hoodie, a large scarf, and black and white versions of the “Shining Star” T-shirt. The star hoodie is priced at $70, the knit scarf at $45, and both shirts are available for $30 each. The merchandise sold during the pre-sale is expected to ship sometime in late August.

On a March 25 stream, the popular streamer went into detail about why the process took so long and how the merchandise came to be. The streamer said that producing the merchandise line was more difficult than he initially expected and he encountered multiple production delays since beginning the endeavor. At the time, Sykkuno previewed the merch line by describing his first merch drop as “simple.” Sykkuno also warned fans that scarfs may come in limited quantities since he doubted many people would buy them.

Following the pre-sale, the first collection of merchandise will become available on May 9. For now, fans can rush to the site to get first dibs on Skyyuno’s upcoming collection.