Summit1G ‘innocent until proven guilty’ tweet elicits polarizing reactions

Summit's tweet comes after numerous people within gaming have said they've been sexually harassed and assaulted.

Screengrab via Summit1G

In response to numerous sexual harassment and assault allegations over the past few weeks, popular Twitch streamer Summit1G tweeted earlier today, “Innocent until proven guilty…..unless it’s the internet where we do things backwards.”

The tweet’s replies include many that agree with Summit and many that very much disagree with him. Other content creators, including Asmongold, Malik Forté, and CrReaM, have contributed to the conversation in varying ways.

CrReaM, for example, said he knows “some of the women this happened to,” which prompted Summit to ask whether a man accused of assault with no evidence should be canceled. The streamers went back and forth before agreeing that no one’s side in these moments should be ignored.

Asmongold seemingly agreed with Summit’s tweet. The World of Warcraft streamer said that it is “possible to support and take someone who’s making an allegation seriously while also not immediately cancelling the person who it was made against.”

Twitch streamer Snaps, who said she was sexually harassed in April 2018 by another streamer, replied to Summit’s initial tweet by saying, “This is ALL you have to say on what’s going on? Disappointing but not surprising.”

Many men and women over the past few weeks have come forward with allegations of sexual assault or harassment. In some of those instances, the person the alleged victim said assaulted or harassed them has been fired or suspended from their respective organizations.

Dota 2 caster and streamer Grant “GRanDGranT” Harris was accused by multiple women of sexual harassmen and he was released by Evil Geniuses shortly thereafter. Additionally, Online Performers Group CEO Omeed Dariani was also accused of inappropriate conduct, which led for him to resign from his position and for dozens of OPG’s clients to cut ties with the organization.