Summit1g breaks world record time for Max Payne 3 hardcore speedrun

The streamer was shocked to discover what he'd achieved.

Screengrab via Summit1G

After returning to the game from an extended break, Twitch streamer Summit1g broke a world record for 2012’s Max Payne 3.

During recent streams, Summit has been attempting the “Any % Glitchless + Cutscene Skip” speedrun category on hardcore difficulty. After completing his most recent run the streamer was shocked to discover that he’d taken the top spot, beating out the former record time by six seconds.

First, Summit questioned if he had completed his run correctly and stopped the timer at the correct moment, but after some confirmation from chat, it set in that he’d broken the record, and he looked visibly emotional.

After taking some time away from his PC he returned and shared that this was the very first speedrun he would ever submit. Right now there are four entries into the official rankings with the current first place of 1:30:58 seconds. Summit’s final time of 1:30:52 will take the number one spot once approved.

Summit wasn’t confident that his record would stand for long and said that he expects its former owner ThirstyHyena to beat his record in time. Even so, the streamer was more than ecstatic with his victory.

“Listen, this is a big thing for me,” Summit said. “I’m not used to winning shit, I don’t win anything in life you know, the stream thing being my first win ever. Fuck man, it’s just a cool feeling to at least have [the world record] at one point in time.”