Summit1g accidentally blows up his teammates in PUBG

It happens to the best of us.

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No matter how experienced of a gamer you are, there comes a time when accidents happen. And yesterday, Summit1g made a mistake that cost his teammates their lives in a game of PUBG.

With the circle closing in, Summit was playing with his inventory and was about to throw out a smoke grenade to give his team cover in a field. But while moving things around, instead of equipping the smoke grenade, he accidentally used a frag grenade and rolled it in the direction of his teammates.

It didn’t take long for him and his teammates to realize, and you could see the embarrassment sweep across Summit’s face as soon as one of his teammates asked “Is that a nade?”

Seconds later, the explosion killed one teammate and downed the other. While Summit quickly ran over and threw a smoke grenade to provide cover while picking up the teammate he could, the damage was already done.

The hilarious clip is already the most-watched clip on the platform today, according to Streams Charts.

While the popularity of PUBG has largely declined, Summit is known for playing games that other high-profile content creators stay away from. Instead of following what’s trendy, he tends to prefer to go down his own path. In the past month, a vast majority of his airtime has been playing DayZ

But in the past two days, he has spent a notable amount of time on PUBG. This includes dedicating his entire stream of nearly nine hours to the game yesterday. Summit is among the top 15 most-watched content creators on Twitch in the past week. His 1.74 million hours watched ranks him 13th on the platform for the time period, according to stats by Streams Charts.