Summer Games Done Quick raises more than $2 million for Doctors Without Borders

Games Done Quick continues to use video games to support a good cause.

Image via GDQ

After pivoting to a completely online format for the 2020 edition of Summer Games Done Quick, the speedrunning community raised more than $2 million dollars for Doctors Without Borders. 

In the final run of the event, a Pokémon Shield run by eddaket, the total surpassed the event’s second goal, eventually hitting $2,308,922.84 by the end of the stream.

Starting on Aug. 16, SGDQ showed that the speedrunners were ready for the task of hosting their segments remotely with the help of the events staff. The entire week-long schedule went well, with some of the hosts being more comfortable working from their own setup rather than being up on a stage in front of a live audience. 

The crowd engagement and random cheering were certainly missed, but the quality of the broadcast and runs were still up there with the in-person versions of the past. And it also led to some incredible static shots for some of the newer runs.

SGDQ 2019 raised a total of $3,039,596, also for Doctors Without Borders. And while this year’s event didn’t hit that high, it did continue Games Done Quick’s seven-year tradition of breaking at least $1 million raised for charity at each iteration of the speedrunning masterclass. 

That landmark was broken during another Pokémon run, as the event hit $1 million during JP Xinnam and PulseEffects’ race of FireRed/LeafGreen

You can still donate to the total and support Doctors Without Borders or learn more about GDQ’s upcoming projects and weekly stream schedule by visiting the event’s official website.