Streamers will face heavy restrictions during Twitch Watch Parties beta

Some of these features will likely stay in the beta, however.

Image via Twitch

The Twitch Watch Party beta release will include several limitations for streamers. 

Twitch streamer GiantWaffle showcased the restrictions on Twitter earlier today. The email said that he couldn’t gain subscriptions or cheers since they’re disabled during the Twitch Watch Party beta. This suggests that Twitch streamers can’t monetize the Amazon Prime content. But the streamer can still receive donations. 

These aren’t the only features that are removed, however. Twitch streamers can’t have an overlay on their stream so they can’t be seen or heard. The only form of communication streamers can have with their viewers is through chat. 

Streamers can’t keep VODs of the stream, either. This is most likely due to copyright since VODs can be viewed by anyone, regardless of whether they have an Amazon Prime subscription. 

There are geographical restrictions, too. The Twitch Watch Parties can only be viewed and started by those in the U.S. during the beta. 

Some of these features are likely exclusive to the beta, however, and won’t be included in the full release. Fans and streamers alike can send in their feedback since Twitch mentions that this feature is still a work-in-progress.

Earlier this month, hundreds of Amazon Prime TV shows and movies that Twitch streamers can watch with their viewers were revealed. This list includes several Amazon Prime exclusives, such as Mr. Robot and Man in the High Castle

Although the Twitch Watch Parties feature doesn’t have a release date, it’s likely coming soon.