Streamer lets viewers pelt him with ping pong balls in exchange for bit donations

That's certainly one way to inspire support.

Image via Twitch

Twitch streamer IZIDORE found an ingenious way to encourage his audience to donate bits to his channel while simultaneously testing his own patience, allowing viewers to shoot ping pong balls at his head.

Bits are Twitch’s microtransaction that users can purchase in varying amounts to give to streamers. Unlike other forms of donation, instead of spending a set amount on a single streamer, Twitch users are able to distribute the bits they buy across multiple creators of their choosing. Bits also cost significantly less than other donation options, with 100 bits equaling $1.00 USD.

Though widely available on the platform, creators can often find it difficult to elicit bit donations as compared to more standard forms of support such as subscriptions. However, streamer IZIDORE may have cracked the code.

The streamer created an ingenious set up, placing a baseball pitching machine just above his PC and streaming gear. IZIDORE programmed the machine to hurl a ping pong ball at his head anytime a specified number of bits were donated to the channel.

In his demonstration, IZIDORE is seen practicing some soccer headers with an onslaught of bit-propelled table tennis balls. With two shooting out for every 100 bits, the streamer flung ping pong balls across his room. The chat, clearly entertained by this pioneering form of content, sent a barrage of bits to his channel.

More than just a short-lived gimmick, IZIDORE continued his stream with the machine set up, leaving himself susceptible to ping pong ball attacks at any moment. Though we may not see a ping pong ball meta on Twitch anytime soon, it is one of the more unique ways of inspiring viewers to donate.