Streamer completes Dark Souls 3 using a Ring Fit Adventures controller

It took her around 10 hours to complete.

Image via From Software

Dark Souls 3 is already a tough game that also has a dedicated community of players who are always coming up with ways to make it even more difficult. One of these players is a streamer known as BerryCrepe, who recently decided to play through the game using a Ring Fit Adventure controller.

In her playthrough, Berry successfully completed the game, including the incredibly difficult optional boss “The Nameless King,” in around 10 hours. That time is quicker than it takes many other players to finish the game with an ordinary controller.

To move around in the game using the Ring Fit controller, Berry had to run in place while directing with a joystick on the Joy-Con. To attack, the streamer had to squeeze the Ring Fit controller.

Berry isn’t the first player to play the game with a Ring Fit controller, though. The mod was created by fellow streamer SuperLouis64, who attempted his first playthrough with the controller in April 2020.

SuperLouis is well known for completing games with unique controllers, including using a Guitar Hero guitar and bananas connected via cables.