Streamer CashMeow assaulted during livestream

The terrifying experience was caught on camera.

Image via Twitch

CashMeow, a popular Just Chatting streamer, was recently assaulted by a few individuals while he was live on Twitch. 

CashMeow is a popular “IRL” steamer who constantly broadcasts his day-to-day life in Tokyo, Japan. CashMeow encountered three individuals allegedly harassing a woman during a recent stream, prompting him to intervene. This escalated into an altercation where multiple individuals tried to intimidate CashMeow and eventually broke a piece of his equipment. 

The stream ended for a short period and viewers claim it returned when Cash was talking to the police. But after the authorities left, the three men returned and violently attacked CashMeow while he was sitting at a table. Fans watched in horror as he was viciously attacked for several seconds until the attackers finally ran away. 

The police came shortly after the incident and Cash confirmed today that at least two of the assailants were already arrested. The situation is still an ongoing investigation. He appeared to be in good spirits during his most recent stream, although he did confirm he was in pain from the attack. 

The good news is the clips from this incident provide excellent evidence for the entire situation and several of the individuals who attacked Cash can be clearly seen. But CashMeow’s fans likely hope the streamer won’t encounter another dangerous situation like this anytime soon.