Streamer accidentally removes all 6,000 followers from channel while attempting to purge bots

Evan Gao makes a crucial mistake.

Image via Twitch

Twitch streamer Evan Gao housed over 6,000 followers on his rising channel before a tragic accident struck the content creator, effectively resetting his channel progress.

Curious as to why all 6,000 users suddenly stopped following his channel, another person on Evan’s broadcast explained the situation. In an attempt to purge bot followers from his channel, the Twitch streamer used a program to filter out suspected bots. There was only one fatal flaw in Evan Gao’s plan: He forgot to set any filters.

“Dude, are you kidding me? Is there a way to undo that?” Evan Gao exclaimed upon finding out that he mass blocked his audience. Unfortunately, there is no way of gaining back followers once you have lost them outside of the viewers voluntarily re-following the channel. The filter system immediately blocked every follower, automatically unfollowing them from Evan’s channel.

An hour following the unfortunate event, Evan checked out the sudden decline in his Twitch metrics. The graph showing followers over time saw a sudden, almost comical sharp downturn to zero. Thankfully, Evan saw the humor in the situation, admitting “that is actually a nice looking graph. That’s nice, dude.”

Since the mass block, Evan has slowly but surely built back up his following. Only a few hours since the event, Evan Gao’s Twitch is at 1,800 followers, certainly a far cry from 6,000 but progress nonetheless.

The original Twitch clip has amassed almost 100,000 total views, which could help bolster back up Evan’s follower base. Though this is perhaps one of the harshest lessons a streamer can learn, Evan Gao certainly won’t make the same mistake twice.