Sonic speedrunners set event’s first ever back-to-back world records at Awesome Games Done Quick Online 2021

This is a first for any GDQ event.

Image via Sega

Watching speedruns for Sonic the Hedgehog games is a good time in and of itself, but fans had the chance to witness history today when two runners set world records back-to-back during a Games Done Quick event. 

That is exactly what happened during the Sonic block of Awesome Games Done Quick Online 2021, where Flying Fox and Zaxon96 set new records in and Sonic the Hedgehog 2013 and Sonic 3: Angel Island Revisited, respectively. 

Not only were both runs incredible, but this is also the first time in GDQ history that two separate runs have set world records consecutively during an event. 

The first run was by Flying Fox, one of the premier Sonic speedrunners in the community on the Android version of Sonic the Hedgehog from 2013. She not only set the new world record for the Tails: Beat the Game category at 13 minutes and 19 seconds, but also broke her previous personal best that she set just a day before the event. 

While warming up for her AGDQ run, Flying Fox actually tied werster’s previous world record at 13 minutes and 22 seconds that was set one year ago. But this was only the start of the Sonic block’s record-breaking. 

In the run right after Flying Fox, Zaxon96, another Sonic running veteran, set a new record in the Any Percent Sonic + Tails category for Sonic 3: Angel Island Revisited. The final time listed on-screen was 34 minutes and 24 seconds, which is three minutes better than the previous world record of 37 minutes and 12 seconds, which was also one of Zaxon96’s runs. 

Both of these runs happened live on stream in front of the AGDQ audience, with all times being confirmed later, by other panelists and commentators.