Sodapoppin makes a classic streamer blunder while playing League

Even the most veteran streamers still fall prey to simple mistakes.

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Given the nature of their platform, livestreamers are prone to hundreds of potential mistakes while live on broadcast. Throughout his storied tenure as a professional streamer, Sodapoppin has undoubtedly had many missteps on stream, either resulting in a consequential ban or simple embarrassment.

Though one of the most veteran streamers in the industry, Sodapoppin fell prey to one of the most classic blunders a streamer can make as he accidently shared his League of Legends password.

In preparation for OTK Rift Two, a competitive League of Legends event featuring multiple prominent streamers, Sodapoppin has been taking his role as team captain incredibly seriously. Practicing with several team members and fellow content creators, Sodapoppin’s seemingly mindless alt tabbing in-between games resulted in a crucial mistake.

While talking to Roflgator, Sodapoppin suddenly stopped talking as he slowly realized what he had done. Taking a brief pause before addressing that he had flashed his League of Legends login information, the team captain quickly relayed that he would need to pause practice to address this sudden siutation.

“I just showed my password,” the streamer bluntly put much to his team’s disbelief, “Yeah, I just showed my password to my League of Legends account. Yeah, I need to, I need to fucking fix stuff.”

As the streamer rushed to fix his mistake before his thousands of viewers accessed his account, Sodapoppin’s team continued to roast the streamer for his mistake.

Thankfully, Sodapoppin quickly addressed the error and change his password before any damage could be done his League account or potentially any associated bank accounts. After mending the classic streamer blunder, Sodapoppin immediately hopped back into practice with his squad as the dedicated team captain he has turned out to be.