Sodapoppin looking to take a break from Rust following stream sniping allegations by xQc

There's more conflict on the OTV and Friends Rust server.

Screengrab via Sodapoppin

More conflict has unfolded on the OTV and Friends Rust server, resulting in some players potentially looking to taking a break from the game.

After infiltrating xQc and his team’s base during a recent stream, Sodapoppin was accused of stream sniping. This resulted in Sodapoppin and his team being targeted for the act.

In the hours that followed, the feud became heated. Soda suggested that he and another member of his team, Vigor, might take a break from the game.

“Greek and xQc I feel like aren’t going to listen to fucking anything cause they’re just going to listen to their chat,” Soda said. “And it’s just like I’d rather not do that because they’re my friends, I’d rather just get off the fucking game.”

Despite Soda sharing that he and his team had a reason for attacking Team Rocket’s base and that no stream sniping took place, xQc and his squad didn’t seem to believe them.

From his perspective, xQc elaborated on why he got so mad that their rockets had been taken. The former Overwatch pro said he wasn’t mad personally and that it stemmed from all the effort his team had put into crafting the rockets before having them stolen.

While Soda shared no plans to leave the server completely, Vigor said that although he and his team had fun, they’d only play again if they were invited to the upcoming RP server.

Many of the server’s shortcomings have been linked to the players who prefer a combat-heavy style of Rust gameplay in contrast to those who are more interested in the role-playing aspects.

With many participants looking for a server without all the combat and drama, it was recently announced that OTV will be launching another RP-focused server later this week with a limited number of streamers invited.