Sodapoppin explains why he quit OTV Rust server

The streamer explains he felt like he was always one step behind other players.

Screengrab via Sodapoppin

OfflineTV’s Rust server is back, but the hype has been short-lived for one of its players who has already decided to step away from the game once again.

After spending a few hours back on the server, popular Twitch streamer Sodapoppin said he was done participating and during a recent stream, he shared why he chose to make this decision.

“When I first played Rust a long time ago, I felt like it was like I’m sitting here learning this game with a bunch of other noobs like we all sucked,” Soda said. “So I didn’t constantly feel like I was falling behind.”

Soda explained that during the first few hours on the new OTV server, he had spent time grinding resources to craft a pistol only to find that other players had already acquired machine guns during the same timeframe.

“So essentially I’m just going to sweat my ass off,” Soda said. “My brain in gigamode trying to learn this game just to barely… not even keeping up.”

The streamer explained that the satisfaction of unlocking a new weapon wasn’t as sweet when he was still trailing behind other players. Another aspect that Soda didn’t fancy was the grinding aspect of the game.

With the server only launching yesterday, Rust on Twitch will likely remain strong for the near future, but with one big streamer already walking it remains to be seen how many players will stick around for the long term, and just how long the OTV Rust server will survive this time.