Sodapoppin baffled by OTK video that he’s a part of: ‘What the f**k did I just watch?’

"To be fair, I was extremely entertained through the whole thing."

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Content made by One True King (OTK) often has a distinct type of improvisational tone to it that can be erratic. And today we learned that sometimes, even the personalities involved don’t know what’s going to come from the content they film.

Watching the OTK IQ test challenge video on his stream, Sodapoppin was left confused after the 27-minute skit, despite being one of the streamers in it.

“What the fuck did I just watch,” he said. “To be fair, I was extremely entertained through the whole thing.”

Soda disclosed that he and other OTK members filmed the video about five weeks ago, and even shortly afterward, he wasn’t sure exactly what the organization’s editors were going to do with everything that they shot.

“I went home, and I’m like, ‘what the fuck are we going to turn that into,’” he said. “Before they added all the editing and everything, I’m just like, ‘what the fuck are we going to do with it,’ and to be honest, after it fucking has been made and put on YouTube, I still don’t fucking know what the hell they turned it into. But it was very entertaining.”

His reaction seemed to match that of OTK fans generally when they watch the org’s content. Usually, there seems to be a large amount of confusion regarding what exactly is going on, but at the same time, there’s somehow enough entertainment value from the content that fans roll with it.

Posted yesterday to YouTube, the IQ test challenge video already has more than 300,000 views on the platform with 38,000 likes. Sodapoppin is featured in the skit at the beginning as a student alongside other members Mizkif, Nick Polom, Jschlatt, and Emiru. The group is joined by Cyr, Rich Campbell, and Malena, who act as school staff.