Shroud shows off impressive Escape from Tarkov stats on stream

He's really good at shooting people.

Image via shroud

Shroud is known for being one of the most skilled streamers in the world at first-person shooters. But yesterday, he took a little bit of time to display what the stat page for a guy like him looks like in Escape from Tarkov

Some of his strong stats include a 19-game win streak, a 14.42 kill to death ratio as a scav, and a 67 percent survival rate raiding. Maybe his most impressive stat of all, though, is his longest killstreak of 27.

Looking up and down the stat lines, shroud was quick to point out the sheer volume of shots that he’s fired and how many of them he’s been able to hit someone with. Over the course of his 709 hours and 38 mins online in the game, he’s used 45,422 ammo and has hit on 14,483 of those, giving him an accuracy rating of 24 percent. Meanwhile, he has 4,311 fatal hits.

Shroud hasn’t been getting nearly the same viewership as many Twitch content creators playing Tarkov lately, however. A big part of that could be that he wasn’t able to benefit from the platform’s in-game loot drop event because of his status as a Mixer streamer. 

Since Dec. 22, shroud has streamed Tarkov for 204 hours. His second most-played game is Rainbow Six, with just under 10 hours played. He’s accumulated 1.16 million hours watched on the game with an average of 5,688 viewers and a peak of 11,497, according to Stream Hatchet data.