Shroud says he has no intention of joining a professional VALORANT team

The streamer finally responded to the rumors.

Photo via DreamHack

Fans who expected popular streamer Shroud to return to esports may be in for a disappointment. Shroud confirmed in a recent stream that he has no intention of joining a competitive VALORANT team, but he is open to filling in for players. 

Shroud is a former CS:GO pro who has since become one of the biggest streamers in the world. He dominates almost every game he plays regardless of genre while maintaining a laid-back demeanor. Many fans enjoy his streams and the various games he plays, but some still hope that he will return to his esports roots. 

Many believed that VALORANT would be the perfect game for Shroud since it shares a similar gameplay with CS:GO, and several former CS:GO pros have already made the switch to the new tactical shooter. Mixer, the platform Shroud previously streamed on, also shut down recently, which led to fans wondering if this would be the push Shroud needed to possibly join a professional VALORANT team. 

But Shroud disappointed fans hoping for his return to esports in a recent stream where he confirmed that he has no intention of joining a professional team and would only play as a stand-in if needed. 

“Would you join 100 Thieves if they offered? No,” Shroud said. “Would I join a team as a stand-in if they ever needed me? Sure. So let’s say Jimbo can’t play because of something, and they needed me, sure, I’ll fill I don’t care.”

This news might be disappointing to fans who want to see Shroud return to the main stage, but they can still enjoy him dominate other players during his streams.