Shroud addresses the “why subscribe to someone rich” question

"Imagine subbing to someone rich."

Shroud raises $100 Million

During an Apex Legends stream today, Michael “shroud” Grzesiek commented on a viewer who was mocking people for subscribing to streamers as large as him.

“I’ll never understand those people that say that,” Shroud said in response to a message in his chatroom. “Imagine subbing to someone ‘rich.'”

“So basically what you’re saying is, since you consider me rich, go back five years when I first was partnered, you’d sub then, right?” Shroud said. “But you wouldn’t sub now? Is that what you’re saying?”

He watched the chat room waiting for a response, which he eventually got when that viewer said “yes.”

Shroud went on to explain that he doesn’t believe viewers should consider the streamer’s assumed wealth or success when deciding whether to subscribe, but to mainly focus on how much entertainment that creator provides.

“You should always try to think of subscribing to a channel for reasons of, one, do you enjoy the content?” Shroud said.

He explained that viewers should consider how much they watch the streamer, if they don’t mind watching their ads, and how much entertainment they provide when determining if they want to subscribe.

“Of course there’s the [monetary] support, but I guess for you guys, you wouldn’t want to support anyone that’s already well off,” shroud said. “Which is fine, that makes sense.”

Shroud also explained how his perspective on choosing subscriptions is slightly different than that of a viewer.

“If I’m subbed to somebody, it’s just because, you know, I wanna support them,” shroud said. “It’s a little different for me because I’m a streamer and I understand that.”

“Think if you didn’t have support. I would never be in the position that I’m in if everyone thought how you guys were thinking,” Shroud said, referring to the original “why sub to rich people” question.

The skepticism of donating and subscribing to the top Twitch streamers is interesting to consider and having the opinion of one of those people in question provides much-needed perspective.