Rust OTV server to be shut down again in preparation for new RP-focused server

Out with the old, in with the new.

Screengrab via Facepunch Studios

After just over one week of being live, the Offline TV and Friends Rust server will be shut down once again to prepare for a new server to be launched later this week.

Offline TV member Abe shared his plans to take the server down at 2am CT on Jan. 5 in a post earlier today.

Abe will also be going live on his Twitch channel to give insight into the upcoming server, sharing the rules and other information on the server.

The announcement was made that a new server was in the works late last week after many popular streamers chose to take time away from the current server following a slew of drama and harassment that some users received.

When Abe made the announcement, he shared at the time that the current server would remain live for players who wanted to raid and experience the more hardcore PVP elements of Rust. The new server, on the other hand, will be strictly for players to engage in the role-playing elements of the game.

With over 50 streamers taking part in the server, what began as a casual playing experience slowly descended into raid-focused combat to the dismay of some players.

The new RP server launching later this week will have a limited number of streamers allowed as opposed to the large number who had access to the current server.

Right now, there’s been no announcement of which streamers have made the cut for the upcoming server or who will be remaining on the current server if it’s made live again.