Riot allows content creators to use League music without fear of DMCA takedowns

Riot sure does know how to take care of its content creators.

Image via Riot Games

Amid a torrent of flak aimed toward Twitch for its recent introduction of strict music guidelines on the streaming platform, Riot has announced its support for content creators by allowing its music to be used freely by anyone and on any platform.

Riot specified in a statement that it’ll “allow content creators to use music that is 100% Riot owned,” meaning that some of the collaborative music that Riot shares ownership of may not be legal to use.

But to avoid any potential legal issues, Riot has also created a Spotify playlist with a full list of music that’s certified content creator-safe. The playlist features over four hours worth of tunes, filled with swirling symphonies and a hearty dash of nostalgia.

Riot said it’s “working on a mid- and long-term solution” to the issue. The company is also working on creating a “more detailed guideline” for the future use of all Riot created music.

Twitch recently formed a business partnership with music sharing platform SoundCloud and has also appointed the Spotify for Artists product lead Tracy Chan as its new head of product and engineering for music.

With more people watching Twitch than ever before and the platform now having strong business connections within the music industry, rightsholders could be becoming increasingly uncomfortable with unlicensed music being used in VODs that are published by users on the platform.

Whatever the origin is for this change in music guidelines, content creators are now waiting for more information from Twitch on the issue so they can learn to adapt to this new way of operating. But for now, everyone can listen to the sweet and soothing sounds from Summoner’s Rift.