Returnal peaks at over 102,000 Twitch viewers before official PS5 release

The game is already a hit with reviewers and streamers.

Image via Sony

Returnal, is an anticipated third-person shooter with rogue-like and psychological horror elements that was developed by Housemarque and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. 

The reviews and gameplay previous for the game have only made fans even more excited, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the game is already hitting massive numbers on Twitch. 

Even before Returnal’s official launch on April 30, the game is peaking at over 102,844 viewers and an early average of around 52,000 viewers that is steadily growing as the day goes on, according to Twitchmetrics.

The game is going to be a big deal for streamers because the gameplay is based on staying alive to avoid looping back and having to start a run over again. The world changes with each resurrection and the story, gunplay, and graphics all play into making an experience that is fun for viewers and the streamers, if they can progress without being killed too quickly.

Much like Dark Souls, Returnal will allow fans to see both incredible gameplay and streamers raging when they are killed by the alien enemies that litter the planet. The goal is to improve or continuously lose, especially since there are no difficulty options. 

The game is officially out in certain parts of the world and many streamers got early copies from Sony and Housemarque to show off the game to their audiences. But if you want to play the game without getting anything spoiled, you should probably avoid Twitch and YouTube until you get a chance to play it yourself.