Quin69 learns what a verb is on stream

He was wrong.

Screengrab via https://www.twitch.tv/quin69

The gameshow Who Wants To Be A Millionaire is sweeping Twitch right now, as many of the platform’s largest creators try their luck at beating the game.

Many of the questions asked at the beginning of the game are simple and meant to be easy for the player to breeze through and reach the more advanced questions as the prize pool grows larger.

For popular streamer Quin69, one of the simpler questions proved to be a little bit too difficult for him.

When the game asked Quin to identify the verb in the sentence, “We are going on an adventure,” the streamer felt confident that it had to be ‘adventure.’

“It’s gotta be ‘adventure.’ It has to be. It’s the only thing. A verb is like a thing? I don’t know,” said Quin. “’We,’ that’s like specifying who. ‘Are going,’ that’s like the thing you’re going to do.”

After breaking it down, the streamer locked in his answer and appeared confident he would be moving on to the next question soon.

To his surprise, though, the verb was “are going” and his chat was quick to laugh at him for his error using channel points to apply a clown attire and other filters to his webcam feed.

Later in the stream, while Quin remained confused as to what a verb is, one generous donator broke down the meaning to him with an extremely crude example.

Thankfully, this example made sense to Quin and will likely remain in his head should he get the question again.