QTCinderella to take social media hiatus after negative comments about Streamer Awards

She will still stream on Twitch.

Popular Twitch broadcaster and Streamer Awards host QTCinderella said on Twitter she plans to take a break from social media following a surge of negative comments concerning her recent Streamer Awards show.

On March 12, QTCinderella organized, produced, and hosted the inaugural Streamer Awards alongside fellow streamer Maya Higa. The award show was an unprecedented success, bringing in record-breaking viewership and earning the praise of countless streamers, viewers, and industry leaders.

Screengrab via QTCinderella

Though the Streamer Awards was met with significant acclaim by many fans and streamers, others were quick to give their opinions on how the show could have run better. While later apologizing, both Valkyrae and Sykkuno questioned their absences from the yearly recap video package that played during the event.

Other viewers had similar quibbles, such as the use of streamer clips, the event’s hosting, and even the seating chart. While many streamers have defended QTCinderella’s production, the wave of negativity has still pushed the streamer to take a hiatus from social media.

Shortly after writing a Twitter thread regarding the use of streamer clips, QTCinderella said she is not “asking for your nit picking or suggestions at this time.”

In a separate tweet, the streamer said she ‘hit a wall’ with the incoming negativity and unsolicited opinions regarding the awards show. While QTCinderella is unplugged from Twitter until further notice, she has continued to stream on her Twitch account.


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