PUBG pro AndyPyro streamsniped while driving

Is this the first high-speed streamsnipe?

Image via PUBG Corp

Twitch streamer and competitive PUBG player Anssi “AndyPyro” Huovinen was streamsniped by a fan while driving on a highway earlier today.

The Method team captain was streaming in the “Just Chatting” category as he was driving and listening to music. A minivan sped just past Pyro’s car but then began to slow down.

“That’s a viewer,” Pyro yelled as he turned his camera to get a better angle.

The two cars then caught up with each other, letting the streamsniper in the other vehicle show Pyro his phone screen, which had his stream open.

Pyro laughed and smiled while giving the driver a thumbs up.

Streamsniping is (unfortunately) extremely common in today’s age of gaming. But pulling off a streamsnipe while the streamer is driving at high speeds on a highway is certainly one of the most ridiculous cases we’ve seen yet.