Progress gets world-first World of Warcraft Classic Naxxramas clear

They're No. 1

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

It took longer than any other world-first World of Warcraft Classic raid before it, but Naxxramas, the expansion’s final raid, has been completed by European Alliance guild Progress.

While previous Classic raid races ended with the final boss of the instance being killed in less than an hour, Kel’Thuzad stood for nearly an hour and a half after Naxxramas was released at 4pm CT yesterday.

Starting the raid as soon as it became available, Progress finally downed the boss at 5:23pm CT, more than 20 minutes before any other guild in the world. 

The race to world-first Classic Naxxramas was chaotic to follow early on yesterday because of the dungeon’s layout. With four different wings that needed to be cleared before the raid’s final two bosses were unlocked, there was a lot of room for creativity.

Progress started out the instance by doing the four-boss Abomination Wing followed by the easier Spider Wing. After that, the group took out the Plague Wing easily before tackling the Military Quarter, which has one of the toughest bosses in the instance, Four Horsemen.

In all, the guild was able to complete the instance with only 31 deaths and no boss wipes, giving them a huge advantage by having the cleanest run of any guild.