Cute monkey vomits all over Sea of Thieves stream host

Beware: You're about to see a two-pound monkey vomit half its body weight.

Screengrab via
Screengrab via

A tragically unlucky Sea of Thieves team member learned the hard way that monkeys can also become seasick thanks to a literally show-stopping moment during a Twitch stream.

During developer Rare’s weekly Sea of Thieves stream, an adorable little squirrel monkey named Antonio was welcomed onto the show to jungle-gym his way around the set and hopefully make for some all-around fun content.

Fortunately for Rare, Antonio did in fact grab the attention of the internet. Unfortunately for Jon McFarlane, it was for all the wrong reasons.

As the dev team spoke about the game’s Pirate Emporium, Antonio traversed his way over to McFarlane’s shoulder, perching himself rather cutely atop his shoulder.

Nearly immediately, McFarlane’s appreciation of his new companion was sucked out his body as he noticed a brownish-gray substance being launched from Antonio’s mouth, directly onto his fashionable gray shirt.

After the first launch, McFarlane looked down at his chest to confirm his fears. With this cheek mere centimeters from Antonio—who at this point was shaking his head as he vomited, spreading the fluid around like a sprinkler—a second wave of primate puke found its way onto his face.

The conversation came to an abrupt halt as the other hosts realized what was happening.

Executive producer Joe Neate put the situation very eloquently: “That’s unfortunate.”

In an apparent act of retribution for McFarlane being tossed a wet wipe to clean his face, Antonio released yet another flurry of upchuck to ensure that both sides of the shirt were soiled. McFarlane was also lucky enough to have some throw-up land on his left arm.

Having been left with no other viable options, McFarlane simply laughed in disbelief, his face getting redder with every second.

“Oh dear me,” he said. “I’ve never had regurgitated mealworm on me before, and it was a great choice to wear a gray t-shirt.”

McFarlane looked at the other hosts while wiping monkey vomit off him and said, “…continue.”

Everyone involved took the interruption as best as they could, with Neate tweeting an image of McFarlane and Antonio from before the stream with the caption, “Pretty sure you can see the little fella planning it here. Look at that nice crisp shirt.”

McFarlane got the final word in, appearing to confirm that he and Antonio were able to reconcile.

“He may have puked but he’s still a little cutie,” he said alongside a photo of himself with the monkey.