Popular rap artist Logic tries out Twitch streaming

He averaged nearly 20,000 viewers for his 4.6-hour stream.

Image via Activision

Logic is known for his skill as one of America’s most popular rap artists. But over the weekend, he took a stab at honing a different type of performance skill—streaming on Twitch.

Playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the rapper attracted an average of nearly 20,000 viewers over the course of his 4.6-hour stream. That figure was good enough to give him one of the top 25 averages of any streamer on Twitch over the weekend. He also peaked at 28,700 viewers and posted a total of 1.5 million unique viewers. 

The feel of his stream was slightly different than many content creators. Instead of sitting at a computer playing on his PC, Logic was comfortably laid back on a couch with a console controller sitting next to a friend who was helping to moderate his chat and cracking jokes. 


The popularity of the impromptu stream comes just one month after Logic completed a tour for his latest album, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

Despite how young Logic’s channel is, he’s already verified with 46,000 followers. He even copped the handle “Logic” for his channel, with no special numbers or underscores required.

While not many rappers stream on Twitch regularly, the popularity of Twitch among artists spawned from Ninja last year when he broke out as the platform’s top streamer by playing Fortnite with rappers Drake and Travis Scott. 

Since that point, Ninja has played on stream with numerous pop artists and even streamed from Lollapalooza the past two years.