Close call: Pokimane hilariously recounts the moment a fan almost crashed into her

An unexpected fan encounter.

Screengrab via Pokimane on Twitch

As one of the top female Twitch streamers, Pokimane has thousands of fans. Thus, it’s only natural that she gets recognized outside and has unique encounters with them once every now and then. In one of her recent streams, she narrated her experience of almost getting crashed into by one of her fans.

Pokimane recounts that this “bike-swerving incident” was a close call. She was standing outside a building when a guy on a parallel street started turning at a nearby intersection. Unfortunately, he lost control of his bike during the turning and traveled directly towards Poki who was on the other side of the street. Seeing this, Poki almost believed that “this is it, I’m dead.”

The concerned person bounced off his bike at the curved bump, flipped forward, and fell near Poki on the sidewalk, however. She was stupefied during this whole incident but went on to ask him if he was doing okay, having this hilarious inner monologue, “cause you just front-flipped into the dirt in front of me.”

The person assured her that he was fine, going as far as to joke that his ego was more hurt than him. During this time, Poki also started texting Janet to talk about this surprising yet somewhat hilarious encounter. While wanting to take a picture so that she could share it with Janet, the concerned person himself came to her and asked directly, “also, you’re Pokimane, right?”

Telling this part made Poki giggle on the stream as it was rather an awkward experience for her at that time. Her fan greeted her despite being covered in dirt after falling off his bike and she also replied politely to him. According to Poki, this person might not have realized it was her standing there while taking the unfortunate turn. She believes that it was a “crazy coincidence” that the person face-planted in front of her and then also recognized her after getting up.