Pokimane makes huge mistake in Among Us

The streamer overlooked one minor detail.

Screengrab via Amazon

Among Us is a game that encourages people to be extremely observant of their surroundings to either successfully eliminate the crew or correctly identify the imposters before it’s too late.

The fast-paced gameplay can often cause players to overlook minor details. This was the case for Pokimane, one of Twitch’s most popular personalities, during one of her latest streams.

Given the role of imposter, Pokimane was on the hunt to eliminate her fellow crewmates without drawing attention to herself. With no one around her, she entered security and eliminated the player on cameras before quickly exiting the room. She pulled off the perfect crime and a flawless getaway—or so she thought.

When she entered the room, Poki only saw one crewmate. Unfortunately, another one was right beside the eventual victim, making Poki’s guilt especially obvious to the alive crewmate. While she didn’t stop acting innocent, there was no way she would be able to get away with this crime.

Since returning from her streaming break, Pokimane has been active on Among Us, a game which has grown rapidly over the past few weeks.

As it remains at the peak of its popularity, Among Us is producing some of the most popular streaming moments as multiple personalities clash in-game.