Pokimane caps donations at $5 in partnership with Streamlabs

Some have called for the feature to be available to others.

Screengrab via Amazon

Pokimane fans will no longer be able to donate more than $5 to her.

The popular Twitch streamer revealed last night that she’s limiting the amount of money fans can donate to her and deemed anything more than $5 as “unnecessary.” In partnership with Streamlabs, fans can now donate a minimum of $2 and up to $5 at most. 

She encouraged fans who were “more generous” to donate any money to support growing creators, charities, and themselves. 

The announcement was met with support from numerous creators like Jericho, who called for this option to be readily available to other streamers. 

Fellow streamer xQc said that although this can be seen as a positive move, the Twitch community could call for other streamers to do the same and it’d be a negative for all those who don’t follow suit. 

“Instead of saying ‘oh that’s good,’ you know what they do, they don’t do that, they said holy shit all the other ones [streamers] not doing it, they’re bad,” he said. “We never celebrate somebody doing good, we always shame others for not doing it.” 

The streaming community has been asking Streamlabs for this feature for a while. Since streamers can select a minimum donation amount, a maximum donation amount should naturally follow suit. As one user pointed out, this could be implemented to prevent donators from abusing chargebacks of excessively large donations, for example.