Pokimane addresses harassment following a joke made by Fitz

"NO ONE deserves to be sent this."

Screengrab via Twitch.tv/pokimane

After popular Twitch streamer Fitz made a joke regarding his non-existent relationship with fellow streamer Pokimane, her social media has been bombarded with offensive comments.

Due to the frequency of these comments, she chose to address them in a tweet, claiming the negative comments stem from a joke Fitz made about the pair dating after Redditors speculated about their relationship. This speculation began after leaked documents by former OfflineTV member Fedmyster were released, which included texts between himself and Pokimane.

Fitz explained what had occurred from his perspective in a post on Reddit, which created a timeline that attempted place Fitz as the mystery person in Fedmyster’s document. Fitz simply replied, “ding ding ding we have a winner.”

Unfortunately, this was not interpreted as a joke as Fitz had intended, leading to Pokimane receiving harassment. Fitz then pointed out the double standard between men and women in the streaming industry, claiming that he had received a large number of positive comments and messages regarding the same issue.

Both in Pokimane’s tweet and Fitz’s Reddit post, the pair say they have never been in a relationship. Pokimane added that even if they had, no one deserves to be sent the offensive messages she has been receiving.

In some good news, many fellow streamers have shown their support for Pokimane following the comments.