Pokimane achieves Immortal rank in VALORANT

She finally broke through.

Screengrab via Amazon

One of Twitch’s most popular streamers, Pokimane, has hit an extremely impressive milestone in VALORANT, ranking up to Immortal for the first time during Episode Three Act Two.

The streamer has had quite a successful ranked run in the past, having finished Diamond three times in her ranked VALORANT campaign. But now, she has finally captured the elusive rank of Immortal.

Taking to social media, the Twitch star announced her achievement and was met with plenty of praise from gaming and streaming contemporaries. Along with this, she also shared a handful of tips that should help other players to eventually work their way to Immortal as she did.

These tips included urging her followers to practice their aim using Aim Training, prioritizing the agents they’re competent with, and filling in for what the team needs. She highlighted the importance of being specific when using comms, mastering eco rounds, and keeping team morale as high as it can be.

During her journey to Immortal, Pokimane played alongside a variety of different streamers and pro players but was able to stand up with the best of them and hold her own, pulling out plenty of impressive plays along the way. 

While Immortal is an incredible milestone and one of the most difficult ranks to achieve in the game, there is still room to grow if Pokimane chooses to do so. Only the ultimate rank of Radiant awaits now.