Player defeats Valheim’s final boss with an army of wolves

Wolf squad assemble.

Image via Iron Gate Studios

Valheim is an open-world survival game that gives players the ability to craft a range of different weapons to take into battle, but perhaps the most creative of all was discovered recently by a Reddit user.

A player showcased their insane army of tamed wolves to be taken into battle. This army attempted arguably the toughest test in the game: taking on the game’s final boss Yagluth. And it was a completely one-sided affair.

As the boss began to spawn at the alter, the pack of wolves descended on its location and quickly disposed of the beast before it could even launch its first offensive ability.

This method may have proved its effectiveness, but the player shared on Reddit that it came with its own flaws.

“My base was about 10fps with all of them in there,” the Reddit user explained. “Not to mention the slow insanity I was being pushed into with the howls. I ended up setting them free in the wild of the plains after this.”

Wolves are one of few tamable species in Valheim. One captured, they can be easily tamed by sharing raw meat with them. The taming process can take around 30 minutes to finish in addtion to the time it takes to locate and capture the wolves.

For this player to capture and breed as many as he had for his final battle, the process must have taken many hours to set up and finally execute. Furthermore, players have been encountering a glitch that has their tamed wolves despawn, so maybe this method of attack isn’t the most efficient in the game.