Ovilee May gets hit with DMCA takedown on Twitter

DMCA's keep on coming.

Photo via Riot Games

The recent influx of DMCA notices on Twitch expanded to other platforms like Twitter today, with former League of Legends Championship Series broadcaster Ovilee May announcing that she was personally given one. 

Posting this morning, May posted a screenshot showing that her account had been temporarily locked. While May was able to return to using her account, the notification brought to light some policies that Twitter as it pertains to DMCA notices that are somewhat similar to Twitch’s procedures.

“Your account has been locked because Twitter received a complaint Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) Notice for content posted to your Twitter account,” the screen read. “Upon receipt of a valid DMCA notice, Twitter will remove the identified material. Twitter maintains a repeat copyright infringer policy under which repeat infringer accounts will be suspended. Accruing multiple DMCA strikes may lead to suspension of your account.” 

May said her personal DMCA notice was for using 10 seconds of the Lil Nas X song “Old Town Road” that was used as a part of a Team Liquid update teaser. She added that notices are reportedly coming for people who have used music by Shakira and Beyonce, as well as artists in both the country and rap genres. 

Today’s news follows a week in which many content creators on Twitch were put into a panic by an onslaught of DMCA notices. In response, Twitch advised all content creators to take down any and all past broadcasts or clips that could potentially attract a DMCA takedown notice.