OTV Rust server set for reset, returning with more RP in ‘Wild West’ setting July 15

There are some big changes being made.

Screengrab via Facepunch Studios

After a week of OTV’s latest Rust server, massive changes are set to be made when the server is reset on July 15.

Originally intended to provide a vanilla Rust experience focused around PvP, it will become an experience targeted at both PvP-centric players and those who prefer to roleplay later this week.

The new server will feature a Wild West theme and include safe areas where players won’t have to deal with PvP. Nerfs to guns, changes to balance out gameplay for those strictly playing RP with the PvP players, and new leaderboards that will show both wealth and PvP stats will be added.

As described in a post by server boss BaboAbe, these changes will make the experience for all kinds of players more challenging and fair, with fights lasting longer and being more rewarding.

After a hugely successful run at the beginning of the year, Abe decided to bring back the OTV Rust server on July 5. After a day when many of the streamers who partook in the original server returned, the player base began to fade quickly with many citing the PvP aspects as a reason for their decision.

With a new theme and some new rules to cater to all players, this could be exactly what is needed to bring the OTV Rust server back to its glory days so it can continue to provide content for fans of the game.