Cyr becomes newest member of OTK

On the anniversary of the organization, another member joined the team.

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On the one-year anniversary of esports organization One True King, a new member joined the fold.

Cyr, known for his roleplay streams and garnering a following on Twitch of more than 430,000, is the latest Twitch streamer to join OTK. Cyr is the eighth member of OTK since its inception back in October 2020.

While the announcement came as a surprise, some fans picked up on the news early thanks to promotional material for OTK’s upcoming Gameday event that featured Cyr’s name. It wasn’t long after that an official announcement was made both on stream and social media.

Gameday wasn’t the only upcoming show that was revealed during today’s stream. On Oct. 13, OTK will hold an event called Loot Goblins where streamers will face off opening chests with winners scoring gifted subs.

The event also saw a slight rebrand for OTK, which debuted a new logo with the three letters and a crown shown.

With this new signing and the new shows that were announced, there seems to be no slowing down for OTK to round out 2021 strong and continue into 2022.